Wellbeing Programs

Since the millennium, THWC has diversified into various branches of wellbeing with a multi-approach. Before starting a sporty lifestyle, it is important to focus on a well-balanced mental, emotional and spiritual health. When we are mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced, we are able to make the correct nutritional choices. When those three states are fulfilled, our body is ready to get into action.

Our programs

  • Physical : Offering Corporate Fitness Infrastructure and group lessons, stimulating physical activities & prevent sedentary life, promoting healthy eating habits that influence energy and health.
  • Mental : Creating awareness of mental wellbeing, techniques to cope with stress and stimulate relaxation and sleep, inspiring and interactive workshops and seminars.
  • Emotional & Spiritual : Stimulating the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all employees and a positive corporate culture by organising healthy and fun teambuilding activities, “feel good” events and inspiring incentives.
Wellbeing Programs