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Vitality scan & Well-being


THWC has the best vitality scan on the market. In just 15 minutes we can do a full vitality scan of every employee.

Our measurements are very complete (heart rate, stress measurement, blood pressure, breathing, strength, agility, reflexes, height, weight, cholesterol, etc…) and are completely cloud-based. Five minutes after a test, your employee will receive a complete brochure in the mailbox with all the results and associated advice. This brochure can be completely branded to suit your company. Feel free to compare it with the test that the participants of the television program "Het Huis" go through, but with more specific advice than a "biological age". We always divide our well-being policy into three pillars: a physical, a mental and a social pillar.


On a physical level , in addition to supporting and operating a company fitness center, we also offer group lessons for your employees. This can range from dance lessons, to yoga or Pilates, to strength exercises. In this way, as an employee, you stimulate physical activities and put a stop to a sedentary lifestyle. We also offer insights and workshops on healthy nutrition, because that has a significant impact on the energy level of your employees.


On a mental level we create awareness around stress and burnout. We are the exclusive distributor in Belgium of Biocheck, a program developed in collaboration with the University of Rotterdam, which allows your employees to return after absence according to their capacity. Or that allows them to keep their energy up during stressful periods.


On a social level , we organize sporty and rewarding teambuildings in which collegiality and “feel good” are central.

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